F*** Bullshit .

You know this feeling you get,like pain is dancing all over ur chest and a really good day ,becomes a really bad one, just because of that one spiteful comment

Its true we cant help the presence of the negative people in our lives,its like the good and bad both have to exist together
but what can be helped is how much control you can practice over any situation which can be negative or positive.

Practicing control is all about how much your letting something effect you,how much power your giving other people to burn you with sadness with just a few unkind words.

This needs to be stopped ,you need to stop ✋ letting bullshitted people ruin your amazing-ness,
you need to take a stand ,with words or silence,and with your actions, show them they fortunately are not capable enough to spoil your happiness,because your too full of amazing-ness to give a damn about  Bullshit because at the end of the day its Shit,and Shit is too Shitty to matter💩

Be Amazingg
Be HeartilyAlive


love ,dont look at me
your not who i want you to be
i am better off not accepting me
love ,dont change how i feel
i am better off with depression
love, dont change my expression
i am better off with blankness
love ,dont even try to fill the emptiness
i am better off scared,
in caves of darkness

***this is anyone talking to the part of themselves,that wants to love them,if we could just change this internal monologue,we may start looking for acceptance inside than outside,hence prioritising our happiness than our fears.***

Happy Endings

I used to wonder about this a lot
It went along the lines like how can people switch from love to hatred so quickly
I have seen this in every kind of relationship, mostly friendships
The people who u loved, cared about deeply ,in a blur they just are not the people you knew about
All good things come to an end yes, but they leave u behind broken, and you become the shadow of a person you used to be
Why and what ifs crowd around you
But it’s also wise to keep this in mind, sometimes things are not just working anymore
Sometimes it’s good to end things on a happy note, sometimes it’s good to have a happy ending ,for a new beginning.

Fighting yourself is the hardest thing …

Fighting yourself is the hardest thing you may have to do
To do the right thing
The darkness is murmuring, whispering begging you to give in
One of the hardest fight you may have to face is when you have to fight for your own inner light
Don’t lose hope, no sacrifice would be forgotten, no good deed would be ignored
One day you would be rewarded for your patience
So keep the patience and your
hopes up
One day a day might be different because the light inside will win because of your own will to not accept defeat
Because you do not lose unless you accept defeat.

(For people going through various battles: depression, anxiety, addiction etc.)

No time spent, is wasted

When you’re beating yourself over not doing something you planned to do

Remember this no time spent, is wasted,

This post is clearly about turning you into a more productive person,

But it’s also more about your perspective and mind shift :


“How much time I wasted”


“What I gained from the time spent/gone”

Maybe you got clarity from some troubling thoughts,

Maybe you spent it watching a movie, listening to a song or having a good time,

It is said that the happier you are, more willing you are to contribute to your chores, tasks and goals.

When you’re shifting your mind from what you lost, to what you gained,

After some time, you would be unconsciously more motivated to gain the outcome you desire.

Stay More Productive,

Be Heartily Alive.

Does No One Care

No one cares, this cassette plays in your mind, it keeps replaying every moment, it keeps hurting that you’re not enough for others to care about
The pain burns in your chest and the feeling of loneliness never goes away
In a crowd but always alone, friends that are too busy to care
But at the end of the day ,it’s always the same sentence that plays
“No One Cares”
It’s an overdramatic lie, that no one cares ,it’s an excuse to blame others because you don’t care about yourself enough, it’s not them, it’s you ,who doesn’t care
And everyone has to find the reason why are they depending on others for their happiness, why depend on others for what you have to do for yourself, it’s an answer which won’t come easily but when you finally find it, it may hopefully stop the pity banter in your mind and enrich your life with happiness magically.

Do you Believe in Freedom

You are never going to be fairer, thinner, prettier or anything else than anyone else

You’re always going to be yourself, the never good enough version of yourself

No matter what you wouldn’t ever be like the person you compare yourself to

Oh how you wish your situations were better and your problems got easier, but sigh, in life they never do so what are you going to do with these insecurities you pocket and the voice you obey which commands you to believe that you will never be good enough?

What would you do when people tell you every day that you lack something,

When even how much you try not to be imperfect, you still come out as the old version of yourself

When change is too stubborn to happen to you, what do you do?

Give up. Give up. Give up when every force against you shouts at you

That’s the time when you should say to yourself

Get up get up and get up and prove them all wrong

It’s not going to be a fairy-tale, it’s the hardest kind of torment you would have to face

When you will have to decide between the harsh reality and your believes…

Because insecurity is the worst kind of torment ever, it’s no physical pain

But a kind of emotional pain which makes you suffer and you have no idea where it comes from except from your self-hating thoughts

And the only solution is to change the way you think, because believe me thoughts or the power to think is what differentiates us, what makes us unique

To be stubborn constantly on this self-finding journey, to find love from the least place expected, from within yourself

Is the only thing which will help you to be yourself without those lingering thoughts that you’re not good enough.

So go get your freedom from insecurities and grow up to be Heartily Alive: D

Which side are you on?

We all want to belong but
At some point in our life we all feel like we dont belong
And the feeling of not fitting anywhere and of being lonely is the worst feeling or emotion ever felt
Being alone has two sides
Everything has two sides
One you could take advantage of and the other which can take advantage of you
One which can strengthen you and other which can weaken you
In life we are constantly standing on a thin thread like bridge
Where one side its water and the other side its fire
But the choice is yours
To fall in the fire and hope to be saved
To fall in the water ,learn to swim and save yourself

The Right Thing

Its in our blood whoever we become or what we our about to become
We dont change,our real self just keeps bouncing out into the cruel world which tortures us and takes all our innocence away and in no time we forget the childishness and take a step into the world as an adult
Where we have to be mature and level headed
While the pain inside is destroying the world inside us ,we still take intiative to smile ,to feel life ,to realize pain is not what makes us weak,because pain is what makes life a beautiful story,the scars make you human,in pain is wisdom but being vain is what leads us to our demise,a madness we struggle to escape. So what are we waiting for,nobody is promised a tomorrow,so do the things you want to do, now
Breathe in the present,live your life looking forward,theres nothing but darkness in regret so live with no regrets and live happily wih positivity and balance the negativity
Life is not a fairytale,all about rainbow and sunshines but its about learning this simple phase
“The right thing,is the right thing,no matter how hard it is to do”
‘Be honest ,be brave but be heartily alive :)’